A fast way to convert to plain text on Mac OS X

Copy your text and run this code in the terminal.

What is it doing? This command pastes your text from the “pasteboard” (hence the pb in pbpaste and pbcopy) and pipes (|) it back to the pasteboard. Since these commands don’t support richtext by default it gets stripped.

I use this sometimes when I have a lot of little pieces to cut and paste. It’s easy to command-tab to the terminal. Press up to run the previous command and press enter. Some applications have a special shortcut command (Ctrl-Shift-V) to do this but many don’t.


Epic Wave in Teahupoo


This wave looks like it would easily kill you.

I remember seeing this break in the Riding Giants documentry so while I was sailing across the pacific I was really excited to visit it. It is at the very end of the only highway in Tahiti. It seemed like the end of the earth.

There were no big waves when we were there but we talked to 2 Americans who had rented a house on the point and complained that the whole place was getting too crowded.

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